Monthly donations

Small (or larger) monthly donations are the best way to enable us to sustain our work:

or for those in US needing a 501c3 :

Once off donations

we also greatly value once off donations as well. If you would like to donate to our work:

For those wanted to give in the US:

Donate via Stripe

Surfers Not Street Children is also registered in the UK and afflicted to a 501c3 in the US. If you would rather donate directly to our bank accounts here are the details:

 UK Direct option

Using the details below you can either make a one of donation or set up a standing order:

Account Name: Surfers not Street Children UK

Account Number: 00031737

Sort Code: 40-52-40

IBAN: GB65CAFB40524000031737


US direct option

For those in the US wanting to give to a 501c3 please give directly through our partner:

Chase Bank

Name: Street Child United

Account number: 863659079

Account type : CHECKING

Direct deposit routing number 071000013

Wire transfer routing number 071000013

EIN 81-0692943

If you have any queries about donations please email us at and he will be able to assist you!