Durban, South Africa

Durban is the hub of our activities and our innovation hub. Our programs there are for homeless street children and children at risk of street connectedness. We fuse surfing with mentorship to ensure that children have the opportunity to leave street life behind.

We have three main programs in Durban:

The Surf Club (drop-in centre): 

This program is both a drop-in centre for street children (girls and boys) and an early intervention ‘diversion’ program for girls and boys at risk of becoming street children or at risk of street-involvement. It is a daily surf club that offers surfing, mentorship and a life-skills curriculum. It is run by our head social worker who has a team of childcare workers, surf coaches and qualified lifeguards. We also has an outreach component which sees the staff going out into the streets to identify children in the streets and build relationship with them.

The Surf House: 

This is a live-in mentorship program for homeless street youth which leads them from childhood into adulthood and life independence and sustainability. It is specifically for street children who are totally disconnected from their original communities and have nowhere left to go. The goal is to prepare them for adult life and to then create opportunities for apprenticeships and jobs within the local area.

The Independent Living Program: 

When the children become adults and ready to graduate from the Surfhouse, they enter our Independent Living program. They have full-time employment by this stage. In this program they are assisted in groups of two or three, to find their own accommodation and over a period of 6-9 months they take over their accommodation and living cost payments. It's the final part of their journey towards self-sustainability.