Surfers Not Street Children is a direct response to the phenomenon of child homelessness. Our dedicated team have been working on the rights of streets children in South Africa for over 25 years. It works with both street children and children at risk of street connectedness in Durban. In Tofo, Mozambique, it works with children at risk. 

Surfers Not Street Children, in its current format, has been working with street children and children at risk of street connectedness in Durban, South Africa since 2012. Many children have come through its programs and have gone on to transform their lives.. Its success has been achieved through a multifaceted approach that fuses surfing and mentorship alongside psychosocial care. Surfers Not Street Children's ultimate goal is to empower the children it works with to leave the streets behind for good and become independent and self sustainable. Its staff is made up of trained professionals and trained former street children, giving it a unique integrity amount the children it serves. 

Our Mission

  1. To identify and empower street children in Durban and beyond to be able to leave street life and reintegrate back into society successfully.

  2. To ensure that the children and youth that it works with are developed in order to be independent and sustainable in their adult lives.

  3. To identify children at risk of becoming street children or at risk of street-involvement and to divert them, offering them new hope.

  4. To change the way that society perceives and treats street children (advocacy).

 The countries where we currently deliver services: